Custom PVC Patches: Affordable Choice For Advertising

Polyvinyl chloride, PVC is a study product that was created to endure harsh conditions while maintaining a crisp and colorful appearance. This product is available in hundreds of colors and applications, being more vivid than embroidery. The three-dimensional visual representation gives the design an appealing look. PVC is also water resistant and resilient to all types of unpleasant weather conditions. For many organizations such as the military, skin divers, etc., PVC is the desired choice.

Due to its unique versatility, PVC is ideal for custom patches and other promotional items due to it flexible and lightweight characteristics. PVC doesn’t appear dull or deteriorate with age as embroidery patches. Velcro backing enables the patch to be removed an reattached easily. If you are looking for a cost-effective advertising or promotional items, buy PVC patches. The in-house artist will assist you in making your vision for a promotional product a reality. Flex Systems is a leading custom promotional product wholesale supplier in the United States.